In our business field the slightest error in the project may result in direct threat to human lives. On that account we work with top-quality modern equipment, tools, computer technology and measuring devices only.

The investment in such equipment is worth it as it significantly helps minimize risks of human failure and guarantees high technical standard of our projects.

All project documentation is computer-processed, in the latest version of EPLAN application with automatic cross referencing and checking for errors.

The successive tailor-made project implementation enhances the efficiency of our clients´ investments and we prevent undesirable expenses eliminating shortcomings of other solutions, information noises or delays with deliveries by other suppliers.

Our design services include:

  • electrical equipment designs for industrial machinery, lifting technology and single-purpose machinery
  • surge protection system design
  • investment project design

Design services are supplemented by additional services:

  • project delivery coordination
  • authorized supervision
  • risk analysis
  • expert opinion on other designed projects

Each of above mentioned services is provided as a single service.

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