Our company deals with repairs and modernization of industrial machines, technological lines, lifting machinery etc.

The area of industrial machinery belongs to the key areas provided as core business.

Our services for machine tools include:

  • electro-equipment modernization, renovation and repairs
  • machine parts modernization, renovation and repairs
  • control system modernization and replacement
  • complete project delivery
  • cooperation by specifying setting for operation safety and machine operations, technical equipment, machines and tools according to GR no. 378/2001 Col.

Our services for lifting machinery and cranes include:

  • delivery and assembly of standard remote control systems, crane seats, joy sticks
  • delivery and assembly of remote controls Itowa, Sadamec, Gantry, Hetronic, Theimeg, HBC a dalších
  • delivery and assembly of „black boxes“ including operating state reporting by GSM
  • anti-collision equipment implementation
  • implementation of equipment against crane bridge crossing
  • electro-equipment repairs and modernization
  • machine part repairs and renovation
  • machine part repairs and renovation
  • crane track rectification

General technological services include:

  • low voltage switchgears (up to 1kV) and switchgears for ACS of technological processes and instrumentation and control delivery
  • diagnostic system delivery and installation
  • delivery and assembly of storage enamel tanks and containers including technological construction site equipment
  • general technological equipment operation

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